Grief triggers…


Today, I encountered one.

It’s pretty easy to encounter them in my line of work, actually–plenty of situations where you might find them. So there was one. But it’s not just that. It’s this time of year.

This time of year, I can feel October approaching, like drums in my ears. Everything is rawer and closer to the surface. There’s no helping it. It just is.

I just have to ride the grief wave until it passes. Today’s little wave, and the season’s big wave. December, January will come, and I will breathe easier, but til then, everything hurts a little more. Everything is a little sharper. It can’t be helped. I don’t like it. But I can live with it.

You bear with must be borne until you discover that you’ve borne it.



About Hira Animfefte

I am an unwedded widow whose beloved died in November 2009. This is my story.
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