Things I dread…

I dread October. October 3rd was our anniversary. That weekend last year was also the last time I saw him alive. That will be 11 months’ sadiversary, one year since I saw him alive…Dread, dread, dread…

Labor Day weekend was the last time I saw him here…he came to visit me. Oh dear, and it’s next weekend. And it’s the first weekend of the month…the anniversary part of the month. Who knew that months had their own anniversaries? I didn’t, before this….

And then the month after October. November. November 6, he died, and the world ended…It has faked its continuance fairly well, I must say. The sun continues to rise and set. But November is coming. And then it will be Thanksgiving again, another Thanksgiving without him. Last year it was so awful. No one mentioned him. I think they were afraid. I’m not sure what they were afraid of…the worst has already happened.

How is it, after the world’s ended, that the earth keeps on turning? Didn’t it get the memo?



About Hira Animfefte

I am an unwedded widow whose beloved died in November 2009. This is my story.
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