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Light my way out of darkness

O Lord,I am so lost   Help meLight my way out of darkness.   O Lord,You who are The light of the world,Light my way out of darkness.   O Lord,   You who are   A consuming fire   Light my way out of … Continue reading

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Guilt Trippin’, across the universe…

….not in the Starship Enterprise, and there’s no Captain Kirk… Yes, I am Guilt Tripping. I’m capitalizing because this is not medium sized guilt tripping. This is Capital Letter Guilt Tripping, put you in timeout facing the corner guilt tripping….And … Continue reading

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Things I dread…

I dread October. October 3rd was our anniversary. That weekend last year was also the last time I saw him alive. That will be 11 months’ sadiversary, one year since I saw him alive…Dread, dread, dread… Labor Day weekend was … Continue reading

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